Hu Die Mama

Boutique Hotel
2013, China, Guizhou Province
Total (5 floors) - 10.044 sqm
Internship at Dariel Studio, Shanghai
with: Dariel Studio's team

Hu Die Mama Boutique Hotel's work was commissioned by a client native from the Guizhou province. Here live the Miao, one of the main ethnic group in China. The Miao people have plenty of patterns, colours and shapes in their traditional architecture, furniture, clothes and jewellery.
Hu Die Mama Boutique Hotel project was based on a 45 rooms offer, with 3 different types and sizes of rooms, one lounge and breakfast room and also one local shop. One of the key issues was to realize a contemporary atmosphere inspired by the prolific local Miao culture.
I conceived a storytelling to bind rooms and public spaces to the local legends. Furthemore, the production of the building and the furniture has had to rely on local know-how and materials.